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Kabbalah has helped me be a better  person.

For 40 years I have searched for a method to know G-d. I was born to a Jewish family in New York.  However, by the time I was 12, I was searching the metaphysical libraries, the philosophy libraries searching for truth.  By the time I was 16 and in college, I had already read as much as religious documents that I could find. I was very psychic as a child and so I was the youngest member of the New York Parapsychology Institute. I entered college as a Psychology student and eventually switch my major to Philosophy.  I think I was born to search for truth.

My search for Truth didn't lead me to G-d right away.  In fact, by the time I entered college I would classify myself as an atheist.  But born in the hippie generation that wasn't unusual.  We were all searching... for what we didn't really know, but we were all searching.

While I was finishing up college I had a "life  turning event" happen to me.  Without going into  all the details let us say that I came across someone of an evil nature and ended up in the hospital.  When they brought me in to the hospital there seemed to be around a dozen medical professionals around me, as they were losing my pulse and blood pressure. I went unconscious in what could be termed a "near death" experience.  My experience was going through what I knew to be veils. Some people term this a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was this "man" that said to me I could make a choice and go back or not.  But if I chose to "go back" things needed to change.  I hesitated, knew I wanted to go back, but wanted to ask some questions. The next thing I knew I was back on the table and  the Doctors and Nurses were saying, "We got her, she's OK."

If you ask me what that meant, I would say I was forced into a spiritual transformation.  But it wasn't just spiritual, it was psychological also.  So, I left the abusive marriage I was in, I went into business, went back to school and got my MBA, I got my black belt in Karate, I went to counseling, found a new husband, had two children, joined back into society.  In essence, I became everything I wasn't: strong, assertive, in control, capable.

It was years later. After many years of searching, studying all sorts of religions, mysticisms, spiritual creeds, that I was introduced to Kabbalah.  I was taught the meditations and some foundation.  I led a meditation group for a few years in this methodology.  We gained much.  However, I later found out that our instructions were missing some of the more esoteric and deeper life altering methods.  It wasn't until I found the Kabbalah Center (http://www.kabbalah.com ) that I found all the answers I needed.  

After leaving the telecommunications industry after it's millennium down turn, I opened my own consulting business (http://www.roundtable-alliances.com ). After a year and a half of trying to get business consulting services off the ground I was inspired to follow my true path.  Teaching spirituality through Kabbalah had given me life altering transformation.  I decided to leave the business world and turn my attentions to my passion.  My path has brought be back: back to philosophy, psychology and the roots of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

New Thought Kabbalah is dedicated to bringing the ancient mysticism of Kabbalah into the New Thought movement.

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This kind of  transformation lasts.

Kabbalah has been my source of comfort.

Kabbalah keeps me together in all but trying world.